our process

One of the many things that makes Energy Smart Insulation unique is that we run a home insulation contracting business like, heaven forbid, a business. We show up on time, we do what we say we will, and we leave your house in at least as good of shape as we found it. Don't take our word for it, though, check out our testimonials page.

To accomplish our lofty goals, we follow processes that are both rigid and flexible. While much of what we do is similar from one job to the next, we are very adaptable and react to unexpected changes and your input quickly.

Here is an explanation of our rigorous processes. The short version is we care about what we do, but here is the long version. While this seems like a massive amount of steps, and it is, you will probably not even notice because the process makes jobs go smoothly and efficiently. We think you'll find we are unlike any other contractor you have used.

Here are the steps in our process:

1.Call us
You contact us and set up a free, no obligation, highly detailed, customized quote. We will work out a time that is convenient to you. These generally take 1.5 to 2 hours. We will most likely explain the Dominion East Ohio Home Performance With Energy Star Program, it's $1250 in potential rebates and inexpensive home energy assessment or energy audit. This is a program that sounds too good to be true but actually is. See it on NewsNet5.
2. Call to schedule Dominion energy audit
If you are comfortable with the Dominion East Ohio rebate program, please call them to schedule the audit. Audits must be done before any insulation work, or rebates will not be paid. Call 877-287-3416 to schedule. If you are not comfortable with the program yet, we will be happy to explain at the On Site Quote. If you do not have Dominion gas, this step does not apply to you. First Energy also has a rebate program, although the maximum rebates are $275 and most homes only qualify for $125. If you do not have Dominion, this is an excellent program.
3. On site quote
We will come to your home and look it over from top to bottom. Please clean out any closets that we will need to go through to access the attic. Here is what you can expect:
  1. a. DIY Items - If you are an avid DIYer, we will show you the improvements you can make yourself.
  2. b. Walk Through - We will examine the whole house: attic(s), walls, basement, and crawlspace(s), telling you what each area needs and explaining our process.
  3. c. On the Spot Quote - We will then provide a detailed, custom estimate for each item that we recommend. Usually we can do this on the spot.
  4. d. A la Carte - The quotes are a la carte, you can choose one option, or every option. Some options should be taken together, and we will let you know.
  5. e. Priorities - We will also help determine priorities and show you where the best bang for the buck is.
  6. f. Rebate Estimates - Finally, we will show you what rebates and incentives apply to your home and how much you can expect to receive in rebates for each option.
4. Schedule Dominion Energy Audit
If you have not already scheduled the energy audit with Dominion, please call now. Audits must be done before insulation is installed or rebates will not be paid. Call 877-287-3416 or go to www.deohpwes.com. We fill out all of the paperwork for you, you only need to be there for the energy audit. We take care of the rest!
5. Email or Mail Estimate
Within a few days of our visit, we will send you a typed copy of the estimate with options and rebates broken out. Look this over and please ask any questions you may have. If you see any adjustments that should be made, please let us know. These written estimates become our work orders, so the crew will read exactly what you see in the quote.
6. Choose and Schedule
If you would like to move forward:
  1. a. Contact us to get on schedule – We do not generally require a deposit to get on the schedule. Give us an idea of what options you would like so we know how many days to put you down for.
  2. b. Print out a copy of the quote.
  3. c. Check off the options you would like.
  4. d. Total up the options you would like.
  5. e. Sign the quote and date it.
  6. f. Mail us a 1/3 deposit and a signed copy of the quote. This guarantees you a spot on the schedule and helps cover material costs.
7. Home Preparation Before We Arrive
We try hard to be non-invasive and clean up very well before we go. There are a few things you can do to make our job easier and more efficient.
  1. a. Put vehicles on the street. This gives us more room to get our truck in your driveway and lets you run errands easily.
  2. b. Clean out any closets that we need to go through to access the attic. Big Exception – Master closets – If the hatch is in your master closet, just clear out the center below the hatch. We will put up a fabric or plastic wall that will keep your belongings clean and tidy and save you a lot of grief.
  3. c. Get pets out of harm's way. We like animals and don't want to lose a pet. Please put them somewhere out of the way, in a bedroom or basement. Let us know where and how many there are.
8. Our arrival
We strive to be punctual. We will let you know the start time that day and call you if we are running behind. Here is what you can expect next.
  1. a. The foreman will greet you and introduce himself and the crew.
  2. b. The foreman will go over the work order with you to be sure he understands all of the items. Feel free to ask any questions you might have.
  3. c. We will unload the truck with the tools we need for your job.
  4. d. If we are getting a delivery for your job, we usually get it first thing in the morning. This may happen while the foreman goes over the work order with you.
9. The job
Please feel free to run errands or leave the house. We don't want you to feel trapped in your own home. You do not even need to be home during the job if you can't be there. Here is our process for the job:
  1. a. Drop cloths and preparation – We will put drop cloths, fabric, or plastic over all of our work areas. These usually catch any mess we might make.
  2. b. Courteous and efficient work – The crew will work courteously and efficiently to finish your job as specified. They know that if there are any small changes that need to be made, they do not have to ask, they can just fix it. You will most likely get more than you contracted for. Feel free to ask any crew members questions, although the foreman will generally be the best one to ask questions.
  3. c. Possible changes - If there are any major additions that require an extra cost, which is rare, the foreman will inform you of this and appraise you of the cost. It will then be your choice whether you would like to add it to the job. More often we discover that something in the quote was unnecessary and reduce the total bill. This actually happens more often than job prices going up.
  4. d. Blowing the insulation – Most jobs involve an attic. This part is the only particularly noisy part. Our blowing machines use 20-25 horsepower engines for power. They are somewhat noisy, akin to a lawnmower.
  5. e. Clean up – Once we are finished, we will put back anything that we moved, roll up the drop cloths, and Shop Vac any mess that is left. You should not be able to tell that we were there after we leave. Don't take our word for it, though, check out the testimonials page.
  6. f. Payment – The foreman will give you an invoice, please place a check in the envelope he gives you and return it to him.
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10. Final steps
Once we receive final payment, we will send you a final invoice along with rebate paperwork, as well as these other steps.
  1. a. Final Invoice – Once the job is done and you have paid, we will finalize your paperwork and send you a final invoice marked paid for your records.
  2. b. Rebate Paperwork – If you are taking advantage of the Dominion rebate program, we will send in the rebate paperwork and copy you when we do it. If you do not hear from Dominion to schedule a test out, where they come to be sure we did what we said we did and take final measurements, please call them at 877-287-3416 to schedule the test out. Approximately 4-6 weeks after the test out you will receive your rebate in the mail.
  3. c. Test Out – Dominion should contact you within 1 week to schedule a test out, where they will verify the work we did and see how much air leakage reduction we achieved. If you do not hear from them, call 877-287-3416 to schedule the test out.
  4. d. Rebate Paid – Approximately 4-6 weeks after the test out you should receive your check.
  5. e. Review – We would greatly appreciate it if you would leave us a glowing review on Angie's List or Google.
  6. f. Survey – We will also send you a short survey, and one lucky responder every month gets a gift card! The odds are very good, 1 in 10-20 usually.